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The Pocket Guide to Excellent V-Scoring


FAQ # 1 --  Introduction



Since you are a very busy engineer, operator or manager involved in many other important areas, we offer this concise review of the fundamentals of v-scoring, that will produce the accurate and functional product that you desire.


The benefits of v-scoring are well documented. The efficiencies gained in producing multiple assemblies from a single manufacturing cycle, ensure the continued success of this value added process. There are also several cost saving benefits to be realized by the PCB manufacturer who takes just a little bit of time to learn the basics of this versatile process.


Maybe the best way to index this topic, would be to answer your most frequently asked questions. In this way, we can imagine your interest and anticipate your needs.


V-Scoring, not unlike most fairly new processes, is not always an instant consideration in manufacturing design. So, from the viewpoint of a v-scoring service, we will highlight some of the areas that can be most challenging to discover through experience.

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