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The Pocket Guide to Excellent V-Scoring


FAQ # 2 --  How Deep?



This is unquestionably the most frequently asked question in the scoring business. Choosing a depth that will provide a sturdy work-piece and still separate with light to moderate pressure after assembly, is an important element in profitable manufacturing.




Most score depth specifications make use of one of the following conventions:


1) Vee depth measured from one or both sides of the PCB surface.


Or, the more appropriate...


2) Cross-sectional view, indicating the distance between Vees. This residual material is called the Web.















Optimum Web Thickness


Determining the thickness of this uniform core of material for each individual project is really very simple. We need only consider the needs of the subsequent assembly operations. Our brothers and sisters in the assembly area are looking for the following performance criteria: 1) Overall part planarity, not only for component placement, but also for solder reflow and/or wave processes. 2) Ease of de-paneling. After component attachment is complete, the individual boards should break apart with only moderate pressure.

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