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The Evolution V-Scoring and the

AccuSystems Corporation Story



A History of Growth, Dedication & Innovation


AccuSystems Corporation Began in 1986 as a diversification investment by a metal roofing machine manufacturing company named Roll Former Corporation.  V-Scoring was not a mainstream process at that time.


In 1986 Roll Former invested in a Trace Universal-Grid Bare-Board Tester.  Philip Altomare was hired to establish and grow this new bare printed circuit board testing company.  Things went well and Accutest Labs was named, and grew rapidly. 


In 1988, Accutest Labs added a Quick Silver vertical Hot Air Solder Leveling line to the operation to complement the testing service.  This new division, Accu-Level Labs, could Hot-Air Solder-Level the bare circuit boards before they were tested, performing two back end services for the customer at the same time.  Things went well, and the two services were grouped under the Accu-Service Labs name.  Still, V-Scoring was only a tiny process, in need of innovation.


In 1990, the Accu-Score Labs v-scoring service center was opened as a division of Accu-Service Labs.  After making a large investment for a state-of-the-art CNC V-Scoring system from Switzerland, the Accu-Score V-Scoring service took off, but soon problems surrounding quality began to exhibit themselves.  The causes were traced back to limitations in the design and features of the Swiss V-Scoring machine.  The manufacturer of the machine was contacted to see if corrections and updates could be made to a new machine that Accu-Score Labs would buy, but the response was that “there was no need for modifications” as the machine was perfect as it was.  This left Accu-Score with only one option; to manufacture it’s own machine, and build in the features that it found were necessary to perform V-Scoring quickly and to the highest quality, without limitations.  As a result, brother Dave Altomare, electro-mechanical engineer, was hired to develop a V-Scoring machine to rival all others in speed, accuracy and ease of use, and AccuSystems Corporation was formed.


In 1994, AccuSystems Corporation delivered it’s first AS-200-J vertical, 4-corner clamping, CNC Jump V-Scoring machine, with Windows-based Visual Programming and Operation, and all of the features needed to easily surpass the competition, and it did.  Known for it’s speed, simplicity, durability and user-friendliness, as well as an obsession for customer service, the machine, and AccuSystems quickly overtook it’s competition in North America , which was once dominated by European and Japanese manufacturers. 


Today AccuSystems Corp enjoys over 85% market penetration in North America, with over 150 units installed, is Global, with numerous installations in Europe and Asia , and continues to approach the market with the same fierce dedication to the customer that made it “the” V-Scoring machine supplier of choice in North America.  AccuSystems continues to change and respond to the times with new machine offerings to address the evolving needs of the PCB shop.  Six new models of V-Scoring Machines, V-Score Measurement Tools, De-flash, Laser-Marking and other systems have been, and continue to be developed at AccuSystems to address the changing needs of the PCB Manufacturing marketplace.


AccuSystems currently has installations in a representative cross-section of the industry from very small quick-turn proto-type houses to some of the largest names in the industry.  And, AccuSystems’ commitment will continue to bring the enabling technology of V-Scoring, efficiently and effectively to it’s customer base and the market.  

V-Score AccuSystems Corp V-Scoring Accu-Score accuscore

J. Philip Altomare, Jr.

VP, Sales & Operations


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